• Weight Capacity 180 kg
  • Longitudinal movement table top 20 cm
  • Transversal movement table top 14 cm


  • Power line 110, 127, 220 VCA 50/60 Hz
  • Power 32kW and 50kW
  • Anatomical Programmer with unlimited memory
  • kV Range 40-150 kV, steps 1kV
  • mA Range 10 – 300 mA, 10 – 500 mA
  • AEC Optional


Flat Panel

  • Detector Technology - Amorphous Silicon
  • Scintillator - CSI
  • Active Area - 17"×17"
  • Pixel Pitch - 139μm
  • Number of Pixels - 3072×3072
  • Limiting Resolution - 3.6lp/mm
  • AD Conversion - 14 bits
  • Gray Scale - 16384 Gradations

A new DR System for Veterinaries

Seamless Integration
Complete Communication
Plug & PLay!

Technical Specifications

We want to make things EASIER for you so you can boost your PRODUCTIVITY.

With the CMRVet You have a seamless integration from the X-Ray generator to the Work Station.

Every part of the system talks to each other, all the paramenters you enter since the registration of the patient are known through all the process so you don't have to add them again when making the exposure or even at the the moment of annotations and pos-processing.

When equipped with our Power Assist unit you don´t have to worry about constly electrical installations, just plug your system and you are ready to make exposures.

A Console Designed for Them

About CMR


CMR X-Ray is located in Waukesha, WI and was founded 15 years ago with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

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Compañía Mexicana de Radiología

We have been partners with Compañía Mexicana de Radiología for 10 years now, we provide the technology and they provide the amazing mechanics and assembly capabilities. Thanks to that partnership we are able to provide these great products at a great cost.

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